Playback/Sing-Along for Article 24

Musicians also have the right to rest and leisure. That‘s why you can sing Article 24 accompanied by a sing-along mp3. If you sing human rights for example with a small group of people and no accompanyist is available. Here you can download the file:

Article 3 in English available

In September 2019 I put article 3 of the UDHR to music. Until now this article is known as “Wonke Umuntu” since this article is yet only sung in Zulu. But from now on you can also sing it in English, which has the wording: “Everyone has the right to […]

Article 8 is Completed

A new article is born – at least the musical version of it. Article 8 is the right to justice: “Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law.” Here you find […]

Freedom of Opinion for Men

This month a unique scoring of a sing human rights article has come to see the light of day: Article 19 (Freedom of Opinion and Expression) has been arranged for male choir. Free sheet music: Free recording:

Article 2 as MP3

In May I recorded Article 2 (No Discrimination) so that you can listen to some other “Sing Human Rights” recording than the CD “everyone” or my solo versions of the first two article from the CD “Weil es dich gibt”. Here you can download the song and the SoundCloud link […]

Article 2

New Rehearsal MP3s

This month I recorded all four parts of Article 2, 4, and 22 for everyone to hear. This is part of my Patreon campaign. Article 2 (No Discrimination) Article 4 (No Slavery) Article 22 (Right to Social Security)

Article 11 – Score Video

In December 2018 a new video was published. The sheet music of Article 11 (SATB version – 2018) sweeps across the screen while you hear the Stimmkultur-Projekt-Kammerchor 2018 accompanied by Annette Reifig sing the piece. This is part of the Patreon and the Steady campaign of Axel Chr. Schullz.

Making Human Rights Visible

Here you can see two new videos about the products of “Sing Human Rights”. We make human rights visible and audible. Published as part of my Patreon campaign.  The second one was produced by the GNGP-Verlag. On Dec. 10th 2018 – in celebration of the 70th anniversary of the […]


Finally “Sing Human Rights” has got a newsletter! From November 2018 on subscribers will recieve monthly updates on publications, workshops etc. Setting up the newsletter tool was part of Axel’s Patreon campaign.

Article 30 Video

To make music with family members is great. To sing human rights with family members is fabulous. To be hit with boomwhackers is part of the job – in some cases. 🙂 On Oct 31st 2017 my wife, two of our kids and me (Axel Chr. Schullz) recorded “Article 30” […]

Patreon Campaign Launched

From now on, there will be new “Sing Human Rights” material produced on a monthly basis. Newly composed articles, new arrangements, videos… And you can support this work on Watch the video for more information.