Artikel 1 Sung by Austrian Kids

Pupils from Salzburg, Austria have recorded a wonderful version of the German “Artikel 1”, and I am grateful that I may share it with you. Superar educates children musically, especially with singing. And now they have sung Human Rights, which makes me happy and proud. Have fun with this recording, […]

Ausstecher in Form des Menschenrechtslogos

New Cookie Cutters

In August the last human rights logo cookie cutters were sold. We did not have enough money for ordering new ones, so I asked for money. I am very grateful that Janina Kleinemenke made it possible with a generous donation and a generous loan to order new cookie cutters. Cookie […]


Finally “Sing Human Rights” has got a newsletter! From November 2018 on subscribers will recieve monthly updates on publications, workshops etc. Setting up the newsletter tool was part of Axel’s Patreon campaign.

Artikel 26 (Right to Education) – Video

Kerstin, Johanna and I met at an advance training for choral conductors, and we wanted to make music together. What about singing human rights together with our kids? Soon we decided to sing the Right to Education (Article 26) in German since we are all Germans. After several gatherings, rehearsals, […]

Sheet Music Videos 16+19

There are no live pics to a live recording? No problem, we’ve got sheet music! The Stimmkultur-Project-Chamber-Choir 2018 has performed the SATB version of Article 16 (Men and Women) as well as a new version of Artikel 19 (Freedom of Opinion and Information – German). Both recordings are now available […]

kostenlose Noten und MP3

New Version of Article 16 Recorded

In March I published a new version of Article 16 (Men and Women), now I had the honour and opportunity to rehearse and premiere that version with a choir. The concert took place in Gaschurn, Austria on July 20th. The Stimmkultur-Projekt-Kammerchor sings the SATB version of “Article 16”: 26 […]

No Slavery For Choir – New Article Set to Music

Article 4 (“No Slavery”) has been set to music and has been premiered. Here you find the free sheet music – for free as always: “No one shall be held in slavery or servitude; slavery and the slave trade shall be prohibited in all their forms.” This is the […]

Article 11 – New Version For SATB Chorus

Article 11 (Presumed Innocent) is now available for SATB chorus and piano. Here you find the free sheet music. Chorus plus piano: Chorus without piano:

Sing Human Rights at Humanists’ Day in Nuremberg

The German Humanists’ Day 2018 takes place in Nuremberg and has a focus on “70 years Human Rights”. Doesn’t it seem natural to have musical versions of human rights performed at this event? “Sing Human Rights” participates with a project choir und YOU can join in and sing human rights […]

Gospel Without God – German Broadcasting Coverage

Today the nationwide German public service broadcaster “Deutschlandfunk” reported on Sing Human Rights. You can read it here: The first paragraph translated: Gospel without God Does gospel music work without a Christian message? The choir director Axel Christian Schullz wonders. His answer: He sets the 30 articles of human […]

Right to Marriage For SATB Choirs

Yes, the title is deliberately ambiguous. 🙂 I have rearranged “Article 16”, the right to marriage and family for traditionally mixed choirs. Now also SATB choirs can sing the ballad about the right to found a family and equal rights of men and women as to marriage. And there is […]

Aricle 1

Article 1 Page

The UDHR celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2018. A perfect reason to sing human rights. But which article to choose? Start with a simple one, start with number one. “Article 1” is a four part canon, there are recordings, sheet music for choir and also sheet music for piano accompaniment. […]

Support Through Amazon Customers End of 2018

Many German Amazon customers have supported “Sing Human Rights” with their X-mas shoppings. During the fourth quarterly period of 2018 “Sing Human Rights” received 12,89 € through Amazon donations. Thanks to all the people who used for shopping and who supported “Singing Rights gUG”.

Article 28 SSA + piano

Article 28 For 3 Voices

In January I have arranged the ballad “Article 28” for 3 part female resp. youth choir (SSA). And for the first time with a piano score! The first part is sung by two polyphonic voices. This is to enunciate that there are only a few people discussing that […]

Playlist “Article 1” on Soundcloud

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the most translated document in the world, so it is nice to sing it in several languages as well. There are three versions of Article 1 here, once in English (sung by the Smile Project Choir 2017), in German (sung by Axel Chr. […]