About us

Sing Human Rights is a unique project that transforms the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) into engaging and memorable music. On our website, you can access free sheet music and MP3s, making human rights education through music accessible to all.

The project was conceived by German composer Axel Christian Schullz, who composed the initial musical pieces. However, we invite composers and songwriters from around the world to create their own musical interpretations of any UDHR articles and share them with us.

The Inspiration Behind Sing Human Rights

Axel Christian Schullz, the visionary behind Sing Human Rights, shares his motivation:

Axel Christian Schullz

“As a choir conductor, I encountered countless musical renditions of Bible verses but found none for human rights, despite the UDHR being the cornerstone of the international community. This realization drove me to compose music for the UDHR.

Music has a unique power to make words more memorable. I believe it’s crucial for many people to be familiar with human rights. The more people are aware of their rights, the more likely they are to assert them. And as more people claim their own and others’ human rights, we can hope for a better world.”

Our Mission

Sing Human Rights is a project of the German non-profit organization “Singing Rights gUG“. Our mission is to spread awareness of human rights through the universal language of music.

A Vision for the Future

Axel Christian Schullz reflects on his personal connection to human rights:

“I am immensely grateful to live in a country like Germany, where I don’t have to fear arbitrary arrest (Article 9), where I can peacefully assemble with others (Article 20), and where I have the right to favorable working conditions and protection against unemployment (Article 23). My dream is that one day, every person in every country will enjoy their human rights.”

Join us in our mission to make human rights known and celebrated through music, and help us create a more just and harmonious world.

Gesungene Menschenrechte from Havugi on Vimeo.