Right to Marriage For SATB Choirs

Yes, the title is deliberately ambiguous. 🙂 I have rearranged “Article 16”, the right to marriage and family for traditionally mixed choirs. Now also SATB choirs can sing the ballad about the right to found a family and equal rights of men and women as to marriage. And there is a new piano accompaniment:

Choir plus piano: https://www.sing-human-rights.org/sing-human-rights/article16/art16_satb%2Bp.pdf

Choir without piano: https://www.sing-human-rights.org/sing-human-rights/article16/art16_satb.pdf

With regards to its content it is interesting that Article 16 is the only article in which men and women are explicitly named instead of “everyone” in the other articles. Therefore this human rights only applied to men and women but not for hermaphrodites? That is the wording…

On the other hand there is no “one another”, i. e. same sex marriage could be deduced from the UDHR. These are current topic and exciting as well, and I hope my human rights songs cause opportunities to speak about and discuss these questions.

These new versions of “Article 16” were published as part of my Patreon– and Steady-campaigns.