Sing Human Rights is: The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UHDR) set to music with catchy tunes. Here you find free sheet music und free mp3s – it’s musical human rights education.

The German composer Axel Christian Schullz has had the idea and has composed the music. But any other composer or songwriter is invited to make their musical version of any of the articles of the UDHR and send it to Axel.

Gesungene Menschenrechte from Havugi on Vimeo.

Provider of this project and website is the German non-profit “Singing Rights gUG”.

This is what initiator Axel Chr. Schullz says about his idea to sing human rights:

Axel Christian SchullzAs a choir conductor I came across uncountable musical versions of Bible verses but I did not find one musical version of human rights, although the UDHR is basis of the international community. That is why I set myself to scoring the UDHR.

Anyone remembers words better if they have a melody to them, and I think it is important that many people know human rights. The more people know their rights, the more people will claim their rights. And if more people claim their (and everyone else’s) human rights, the world will hopefully become a better place.

I am very grateful to live in a country (Germany) in which I don’t have to fear arbitrary arrest (Article 9),MR-Chor-DU_02 in which I may peacefully assemble with others (Article 20), in which I have a rights to favourable conditions of work and to protection against unemployment (Article 23), etc. I have a dream that one day every human being in every country in the world will be granted their human rights.