Playback/Sing-Along for Article 24

Musicians also have the right to rest and leisure. That‘s why you can sing Article 24 accompanied by a sing-along mp3. If you sing human rights for example with a small group of people and no accompanyist is available. Here you can download the file:

Concert in Southern Germany

Haiterbach is a town in Southern Germany, between Stuttgart and Strassbourg with a population of 6.000. In February 2019 the choir society Liederkranz Haiterbach invited people to sing human rights as well as songs about the beauty of nature and creation. On Nov. 9th and 10th there will be two […]

Vote For School Choir Singing Human Rights

The Smile Projekt Choir gave a concert at the Gymnasium Sulingen in 2017. The school choir had rehearsed some human rights articles and performed them as well. The next generations of pupils shall also sing human rights, that’s why the school choir of the Gymnasium Sulingen applies at “All Kids […]

Article 3 in English available

In September 2019 I put article 3 of the UDHR to music. Until now this article is known as “Wonke Umuntu” since this article is yet only sung in Zulu. But from now on you can also sing it in English, which has the wording: “Everyone has the right to […]

Article 8 is Completed

A new article is born – at least the musical version of it. Article 8 is the right to justice: “Everyone has the right to an effective remedy by the competent national tribunals for acts violating the fundamental rights granted him by the constitution or by law.” Here you find […]

Freedom of Opinion for Men

This month a unique scoring of a sing human rights article has come to see the light of day: Article 19 (Freedom of Opinion and Expression) has been arranged for male choir. Free sheet music: Free recording:

Online Shopping Pays Off

Amazon customers have spent more than € 2.000 AND they logged in via AND they chose to support the Singing Rights gUG as charity.  As a result we received € 10,63 as a donation from Amazon. Thank you very much to everyone who – if you decide to buy […]

In March and April we asked for shoes. Many singers brought old shoes, we sent them to SHUUZ who recycle and resell second hand shoes. Part of their sales they repay to the shoe donors.

Our first parcel was about 20 kg in weight, and we received 8,32 €. Thank you very much to everyone who contributed shoes!

Article 2 as MP3

In May I recorded Article 2 (No Discrimination) so that you can listen to some other “Sing Human Rights” recording than the CD “everyone” or my solo versions of the first two article from the CD “Weil es dich gibt”. Here you can download the song and the SoundCloud link […]

Article 2



In Donauwörth, Germany, the cantor of the protestant church, Hans-Georg Stapff, organizes a four concerts festival called “Donauwörther Notenkessel” since 23 years. This year he invited Axel Christian Schullz with his project “Sing Human Rights” to come to Donauwörth and sing human rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was […]

New Rehearsal MP3s

This month I recorded all four parts of Article 2, 4, and 22 for everyone to hear. This is part of my Patreon campaign. Article 2 (No Discrimination) Article 4 (No Slavery) Article 22 (Right to Social Security)

New Articles Premiered

Tonight three new songs are being publicly performed for the first time: Article 2 – No Discrimination, in English, Article 22 – Right to Social Security, and Article 1 of the German Constitution, which celebrates its 70th anniversary this year. The performance will be in Duisburg, Germany, conducted by the […]

Donation via Amazon Customers

The Singing Rights gUG received 31,67€ bei for sales in the fourth quarter 2018. This means that goods worth more than 6.000 € have been bought by customers using For these sales Amazon donated to “Sing Human Rights”. Thank you very much to all people buying at Amazon […]

School Choirs Sings Human Rights

The choir of the Gymnasium Sulingen, Germany, sings human rights. The German television station “Radio Bremen” attended a rehearsal and interviewed pupils in December 2018. Here is the story: