Collaboration Article 3

Article 3 was planned to be premiered in Nuremberg but due to corona the project was postponed. Now the song shall come into existence with the collaboration of many different people. Everyone will make music at home.

Work in Progress

You can still collaborate at any time. I will update the files whenever a new collaborator joined in.

Come on in!

Participating is simple. [24 collaborators as of June 29]

  1. Download file(s).
  2. Sing / Make music and record.
  3. Send in file.

Choir, band, soloist and many other instruments will make up the song “Article 3”. Everyone records their part at home and sends in the file. I will put it together and make a great arrangement out of it.

You need sheet music for your instrument? No problem. Drop me a line and I will write a part for you.

Download Files

Sheet Music

Vocal Score Download

Leadsheet Download

Flute Download

Alto-Saxophon Download

Tenor-Saxophon Download

Guitar (classical) Download


Art03_tutti_20200629.mp3 Download



SOPRANO Download


ALTO Download


TENOR Download


BASS Download

This Is How It Works

You want to collaborate and sing – for example – the soprano voice. You download the soprano file (see above) and the vocal score. Now you listen to the soprano voice until you can sing the part in one take.

Next you listen to the file with headphones and record your singing. It’s fine if you use your mobile phone for recording. The better your equipment the better the final outcome. But the following is also true: The less people take part the worse the final outcome will be.

Therefore: Rather record yourself with a mobile device than not taking part at all. Thank you!

Send In The Recording

Use WeTransfer or File2Send to Of course you can also email it.

What Is Important

  1. Avoid background noise -> close windows and doors during recording.
  2. The smaller the room you are recording in, the better.
  3. There are 6 beats at the beginning as count in. Please clap on 4, 5, 6 so I can move your file faster to the right position.
  4. Have fun! Imagine we are making music together.

Special Thanks

Alexandra Eichler
Andrea Stanley
Annedore Stein
Christian Menke
Chris Paus –
Christina Kunz
Daniel de Lorenzo
Heide Bertram –
Henrike Wiemker
Jana Sommer
Karl-Heinz Schnarre
Kerstin Kappenberg
Luisa Josa
Markus Manegold
Michael Kehraus
Niclas Floer
Rosemarie Jaroschek
Sonja Westrup
Susanna Keye –
Swen Wagner
Thomas Müller
Uli Quass
Ulrich Jaroschek
Yvonne Zülsdorf