Monthly Archives: June 2019

Freedom of Opinion for Men

This month a unique scoring of a sing human rights article has come to see the light of day: Article 19 (Freedom of Opinion and Expression) has been arranged for male choir. Free sheet music: Free recording:

Online Shopping Pays Off

Amazon customers have spent more than € 2.000 AND they logged in via AND they chose to support the Singing Rights gUG as charity.  As a result we received € 10,63 as a donation from Amazon. Thank you very much to everyone who – if you decide to buy […]

In March and April we asked for shoes. Many singers brought old shoes, we sent them to SHUUZ who recycle and resell second hand shoes. Part of their sales they repay to the shoe donors.

Our first parcel was about 20 kg in weight, and we received 8,32 €. Thank you very much to everyone who contributed shoes!