Sing Human Rights at Humanists’ Day in Nuremberg

The German Humanists’ Day 2018 takes place in Nuremberg and has a focus on “70 years Human Rights”. Doesn’t it seem natural to have musical versions of human rights performed at this event?

“Sing Human Rights” participates with a project choir und YOU can join in and sing human rights under the musical direction of the composer. On Saturday and Sunday (June 23rd and 24th) we have several performances at the Humanists’ Day (HT18), the rest of the days you can attend other events of HT18.

In Nuremberg city center there is a “Way of Human Rights” where all 30 articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights are written in different languages. In this street the Germanische Nationalmuseum is located in which the HT18 takes place. What an appropriate location to sing human rights in the anniversary year.

All singers prepare their vocal part at home with the help of sheet music and rehearsal mp3s, in which the vocal part is sung. There will be one choir rehearsal day in Oberhausen (Sat., June 16th). All other information you find in the following document (in German only):