New Version of Article 16 Recorded

In March I published a new version of Article 16 (Men and Women), now I had the honour and opportunity to rehearse and premiere that version with a choir. The concert took place in Gaschurn, Austria on July 20th. The Stimmkultur-Projekt-Kammerchor sings the SATB version of “Article 16”:

26 singers came together in Vorarlberg, invited by Stimmkultur für Soziales e. V. “Sing Human Rights” was the main topic and Axel Chr. Schullz the conductor. In addition to standards like “Artikel 1” (German), “Wonke Umuntu” and “Article 24” we premiered three new arrangements, e. g. “Article 16”.

As a result the arrangement published in March can now also be heard by the public:

If you want to read the sheet music along:

Choir plus piano:

Choir without piano: