Fund-Raising Campaign For New Rehearsal Files

Axel has set the articles 2 (no discrimination), 22 (right to social security) and 8 (right to justice) to music – new and unheard yet. Therefore no rehearsal files exist. For article 4 (no slavery – premiered in summer 2018 at the Humanists’ Day in Nuremberg) rehearsal files do not exist either.

But they shall be produced. For this project, “Sing Human Rights” asks you for a donation. It’s really simple via this link:

The money will be used for

  • production of accompaniments
  • recording of all four voice parts
  • cutting (sometimes it is helpful to hear another voice part in the backgroud a cue for the own entry)
  • to make the sound nicer
  • uploading and publishing.

Thank you very much for your support!