Article 24 for 75years Completed

In 2023 the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) celebrates its 75th anniversary. For this occasion I am composing a full-length work for choir and symphony orchestra with the whole wording of the UDHR set to music. In 2023 75 choir will perform that work in 75 concerts (see also For this project I am arranging my Sing Human Rights compositions for choir and orchestra, and I will compose new music for all articles I haven’t set to music yet.

Last weekend I have completed Article 24 for this version. It starts with a guitar solo (concert guitar) and then the solo baritone starts singing. As soon as he mentions everyone’s right to “rest”, the guitar player stops playing. From this moment on you will only hear the male voices of the choir and the baritone sing a cappella. Consequently all the musicians of the orchestra and the female voices of the choir are off – or rather have a minute to spare. 🙂

The sheet music for the project “75 years – 75 choirs SING HUMAN RIGHTS 2023” will at first be provided to the participating choirs of the project. In 2023 they will be made available for free to the public.